What is per kg Price of Corten Steel in India ?


Corten steel price in India have steadily increased over the years due to high demand, rapid economic growth, and increasing environmental concerns. Construction materials, automotive components, and other industrial applications have all seen prices rise as a result.

Corten steel price in India is a steel sheet manufactured from the coil of the bar. It is also known as a strip, strip stock. In the construction industry, it is commonly used for roofing and building materials. Depending on its corten steel cut to size and shape, this metal varies in Corten steel price per kg in India. In spite of this, it is relatively inexpensive and readily available.

Additionally, it is used in the construction of doors and similar structures. Using it in the construction of expensive wood structures is a good idea. It is a high-quality product that can be found almost anywhere. When purchasing this type of steel, you need to measure it carefully and cut it according to your measurements before purchasing.

As a result, you will get exactly what you want. Corten steel is made from hard materials such as steel and iron. Depending on their application, these metals can be found as bars or coils.

We will discuss the cost of Corten steel price per kg in india in this section. The different types of steel available in the market and the best price range for Corten steel will also be discussed. Steel per square foot: Corten steel is a relatively cheap metal. Below are some Corten steel price per kg in india. These metals range in price from $2 to $9 per square foot.

The cost per square foot is about $2.58-$9 per square foot. If you want to buy a metal for $4.87 per square foot, your budget would be $2.58-$9 per square foot. Would Corten steel cost about $3.21-$9 per square foot if you wanted a metal for $8.34 per sq ft. By investing in Corten steel, you can save some money on average. Corten steel sheet price  $2.60 per square foot or $0.16 per square foot if you want to use a different metal, like titanium. You can save money in the long run by knowing the cost of Corten steel price per kg in India.

Corten steel is announced to cost $2.5 per square foot. Following that, we asked our audience to tell us how much Corten steel cost in their organisation. We asked for a lot of information, but there wasn’t much new. Corten steel sheet price $2.5 per square foot.

Developed and manufactured at a corten price of $50 to $100 per square foot, depending on the quality level required and the location (such as in a brewery or in concrete). Also, we asked if they had seen Corten steel at any of their regular suppliers.

There were a few people who said Corten steel price in india had been there before, but others didn’t know where to find it. While the price has remained fairly consistent over the years, many people have suggested that we make it more affordable.

The Corten Steel Initiative in western Massachusetts has launched a campaign to increase the corten price. This initiative hasn’t been mentioned yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for updates.

Corten steel rate is based on his weights, grades, sizes & product.

Corten Steel plate price suppliers stock a large selection of this kind of material, because it is highly resistant to chemical decomposition and other severe weather conditions. Corten Steel has a chemical composition that makes it highly resistant to rust. Corten Steel’s surface oxidation takes around six months to complete.

It is about three times as expensive as ordinary mild steel plates. Nevertheless, the finished look won’t reveal itself for a decade or two, so it’s perhaps a good idea to get some verification as to what you are buying.

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corten steel per kg price of corten steel in india

By using various kinds of surface treatments, this process can be greatly sped up and can be accomplished in a matter of just a couple of hours. They are available in a variety of corten steel cut to sizes and can also be made to order in a specific corten steel cut to size. Plates made from Corten Steel are weather resistant, hot rolled, and durable. They are designed to withstand rough conditions, such as the bodies of trucks and machinery.

Since Corten Steel has gained popularity over the years, there have been more Corten Steel sheet suppliers. Steel plates made from Corten Steel are manufactured using the latest technology with the right metal alloys. 

These Corten Steel plates are also thermostatically balanced during manufacturing. COR-TEN is actually a registered trademark owned by U.S. Metals. In fact, the very name of this steel means corrosion resistance and tensile strength.

These are the two properties that set it apart from other types of steel. Corten Steel is extremely popular for outdoor sculptures, such as Manhattan’s ‘Alamo’ and the gigantic Chicago Picasso, as it has a very rustic appearance.


1 1MM THK $ 1584.00 108000.00
2 1.2 MM THK $ 1584.00 108000.00
3 1.6 MM THK $ 1404.00 95400.00
4 2 MM THK $ 1323.00 90000.00
5 2.5 MM THK $ 1323.00 90000.00
6 3 MM THK $ 1116.00 75600.00
7 3.15 MM THK $ 1116.00 75600.00
8 4 MM THK $ 1116.00 75600.00
9 5 MM THK $ 1116.00 75600.00
10 6 MM THK $ 1116.00 75600.00
11 8 MM THK $ 1116.00 75600.00
12 10 MM THK $ 1116.00 75600.00
13 12 MM THK $ 1116.00 75600.00
14 16 MM THK $ 1197.00 81000.00
15 20 MM THK $ 1197.00 81000.00
16 25 MM THK $ 1197.00 81000.00
17 36 MM THK $ 1197.00 81000.00
18 50 MM THK $ 1197.00 81000.00

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