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Corten B Steel Pipes have a rich history dating back to the mid-20th century, and their popularity has surged in recent years. These pipes, crafted from steel alloy materials, offer significant advantages across various industries, including construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

Corten B Steel Pipes are crafted from steel alloy materials that undergo a unique coating process called “weathering,” enhancing their ability to resist corrosion from air and water exposure. This corrosion resilience makes them ideal for outdoor applications, enduring harsh elements like rain and snow with ease. The weathering process also gives these pipes a visually appealing look, adding a distinct style to any structure or building.

These pipes find diverse applications in buildings, bridges, and structures requiring resilience against severe weather conditions and prolonged wear. They are also utilized in manufacturing processes, such as tubing for oil rigs or equipment needing durability against extreme temperatures and pressure. Their aesthetic appeal extends to decorative projects like outdoor sculptures and garden features, enhancing the overall design.

Key Benefits of Corten B Steel Tubing:

  • Durability: Resistant to extreme weather conditions and heavy usage, Corten B Pipes outlast traditional steel pipes, minimizing replacement needs and maintenance costs.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The unique weathered appearance of these pipes adds a stylish element to building projects, setting them apart from conventional materials.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from structural support to decorative accents, offering both functionality and visual appeal.

CORTEN B Pipes offer a range of advantages for those seeking durable pipe solutions with a touch of style. These steel alloy pipes provide superior corrosion resistance and increased longevity, making them a reliable choice for various applications. We offer a variety of products, including Corten Steel Pipes.

What are CORTEN B Pipes? 

CORTEN B Pipes are weather-resistant steel pipes made from the CORTEN B steel alloy. This alloy, containing copper, chromium, nickel, and phosphorus, provides enhanced resistance to atmospheric corrosion and weathering.

CORTEN B Steel Pipes find primary use in outdoor applications susceptible to corrosion and degradation from exposure to the elements. Common applications include bridges, railway cars, transmission towers, building facades, and outdoor sculptures.

Corten Steel B Pipe & Tube Specifications

Size ½” OD to 16” OD
Thickness 2-460mm
Width 1500-3200mm,
Shape round, square,rectangular and special sections.
Length 6000-12000mm
Type Weathering Steel
End Plain End, Beveled End

Corten B Steel Pipes Chemical Composition

CORTEN B0.160.30–0.500.80–1.250.0300.0300.40–0.650.25–0.400.02–0.100.40

Corten B Weathering Steel Tube Mechanical Properties

GradeYield Strength
Tensile Strength
% (min)
CORTEN B34548519

Corten B Steel Equivalent

High Tensile Steel Plate
Steel GradeMaterial No.
TKS StandardEN StandardASTM StandardASTM Standard
ASTM B 242

Application Industries Of CORTEN B Pipes/ Tubing

Corten Steel manufacture industry
  •  Petrochemical Industry
  •  Marine Industries
  •  Food Processing Industries
  •  Oil & Gas Industries

Corten Steel B Plate We Supply Globally

We Supply Our Corten B Steel Plate to various countries like Chile, Afghanistan, Macau, Venezuela, Kuwait, Lebanon, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, Iran, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Spain, Iran, Poland, Qatar, Belgium, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Gabon, Costa Rica, Azerbaijan, India, Kenya, Lithuania, Bahrain, Nepal, Malaysia, Angola, Colombia, Iraq, Vietnam, Austria, Taiwan, Israel, Poland, Argentina, Gambia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Yemen, Algeria, Serbia, South Africa, Mongolia, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Romania, Australia, China, Philippines, Denmark, Portugal, Indonesia, Mexico, Ecuador, Hungary, Pakistan, Finland, Brazil, Bolivia, Greece, Sweden, Bulgaria, Egypt, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Oman, Jordan, Libya, Chile, Slovakia, Belarus, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, France, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Estonia, Morocco, Ghana, Ukraine, United States, Japan, Tibet, Italy, Zimbabwe, Norway, Nigeria.

Corten Steel B Plate We Supply Worldwide

We Supply Our Corten B Steel Plate to various cities like Doha, Aberdeen, Hanoi, Kolkata, New York, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Brisbane, Dallas, Ahvaz, Kuwait City, Sharjah, Edmonton, Nagpur, Ankara, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Ranchi, New Delhi, Dammam, Colombo, Abu Dhabi, Montreal, Rajkot, Gimhae-si, Noida, Sydney, Nashik, Pune, La Victoria, Melbourne, Singapore, Al Jubail, Algiers, Atyrau, Petaling Jaya, Ho Chi Minh City, Lahore, Ludhiana, Tehran, Moscow, Faridabad, Coimbatore, Ulsan, Bangkok, Calgary, Haryana, Granada, Manama, Muscat, Thiruvananthapuram, Geoje-si, Al Khobar, Ernakulam, Vadodara, Milan, Chiyoda, Bogota, Chennai, Toronto, Ahmedabad, Seoul, Bhopal, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Howrah, Jamshedpur, Los Angeles, Port-of-Spain, Mexico City, Chandigarh, Perth, Houston, Jaipur, Rio de Janeiro, Gurgaon, Busan, Secunderabad, Surat, Hong Kong, Dubai, Jakarta, Caracas, Indore, Karachi, Vung Tau, Madrid, Bengaluru, Cairo, Lagos, Courbevoie, Riyadh, Visakhapatnam, Baroda, London, Santiago, Jeddah, Mumbai.

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