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Corten Steel Tube stands out as the foremost exporter and supplier of ASTM A 588 GR.B PLATES, offering a wide array of shapes, sizes, grades, and specifications to cater to diverse customer needs. The availability of these plates is not only extensive but also customizable based on customer-specified sizes. Falling under the specifications of ASTM A588, the GR.B Corten Steel Plates exhibit higher strength levels with a lower alloy composition, making them widely applicable across various industries.

Distinguished by superior elongation properties, excellent yield strength, and robust tensile strength, the ASTM A588 GR.B Corten Steel Plates prove to be resilient in corrosive conditions, effectively resisting cracking and pitting in diverse environments. Their heightened resistance to corrosion under conditions such as oxidation, reduction, reactive chemicals, and toxic gases positions them as reliable solutions for preventing corrosion.

These plates excel in challenging working conditions characterized by high temperatures, making them suitable for applications like welding and machining. Their ease of joining with other equipment, excellent toughness, and high durability contribute to an extended work life. Additionally, their malleability allows them to be easily drawn in the form of wires, enhancing their versatility in various manufacturing processes.

Designed in varied dimensions and thicknesses, these plates are suitable for deployment in the harshest and most hostile environments, finding utility across multiple industries. Rigorous testing criteria, both destructive and non-destructive, ensure the quality and reliability of ASTM A588 GR.B Corrosion Resistant Steel Plates. These tests include evaluations such as the elongation test, spectro analysis, impact analysis, and firmness test. Corten Steel Tube’s commitment to delivering top-quality products positions them as a trusted provider in the industry, meeting the diverse needs of customers across different sectors.

ASTM A588 Gr.B Corten Steel Plate Specification


ASTM A588 Gr B Corten Steel Plates

StandardASTM A588 / ASME SA588
Widthfrom 750mm to 1500mm
Lengtupto 12,000m
Thicknesfrom 0.8 mm to 50mm
TypeCorten Steel
ProcessHot-Rolled (HR)

ASTM A588 Grade B Corten Steel Plates Chemical Composition

GradeC %Si %Mn %P %S %Cr %V %Ni %Cu %
A588 Gr B≤0.200.15-0.500.75-1.350.0400.0500.40-0.700.01-0.10≤0.50≤0.50

Corten A847 Weathering Steel Tube Mechanical Properties

Grade Thickness Yield Strength ReH[N/mm2]transv.min TensileStrength Rm[N/mm2]transv
ASTM A588 0mm-100mm 340 MPa 480 MPa
102mm-127mm 320 MPa 460 MPa
127mm-203mm 290 MPa 430 MPa

ASTM A588 Grade B Equivalent Steel Material

USA EU Japan France England Canada European old Italy Russia Inter
A588 grade B S355J0W (1.8959) SMA50AW E36WB3 WR50B 350AAT Fe510C2KI Fe510C2K1 17G1S Fe355W

Size range of ASTM A588 Gr.B plate

Grade B Plate 72 – 120 0.250 – 2.000 240 – 1020
Grade B Plate 72 – 96 0.188 – 0.500 240 – 720
Grade B Plate 72 – 131.9 2.01 – 4.90 240 – 1020

Gauge chart of ASTM A588 Gr b weathering steel plate

A588 96/120 0.2500 240/480
96 0.1875
96/120 0.3125
3.2500 240
3.5000 240
3.0000 240/480
3.7500 240
96 5.0000
96/120 4.0000
96 6.0000

ASTM A588 Corten Steel Gr B Application & Use

ASTM A588 Corten Steel Grade B, known for its high strength and lower alloy composition, finds diverse applications across various industries due to its robust properties. Here are some common applications and uses of ASTM A588 Corten Steel Grade B:

  1. Structural Components: ASTM A588 Gr B is widely employed in the construction industry for the fabrication of structural components. Its high strength and corrosion resistance make it suitable for applications such as building frames, bridges, and other architectural structures.

  2. Outdoor Sculptures and Art: The unique weathering characteristics of Corten Steel, which develop a protective rust-like appearance over time, make it a popular choice for outdoor sculptures and art installations. The aesthetic appeal of the rusted surface adds to its artistic value.

  3. Container Manufacturing: ASTM A588 Gr B is used in the manufacturing of shipping containers. Its corrosion-resistant properties make it suitable for withstanding the harsh conditions encountered during shipping and transportation.

  4. Railroad Cars: Corten Steel Grade B is utilized in the production of railroad cars due to its durability and resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It helps ensure the longevity and structural integrity of these transportation vehicles.

  5. Transmission Poles: The high strength and weathering characteristics of ASTM A588 Gr B make it suitable for manufacturing transmission poles. Its resistance to corrosion in varying environmental conditions enhances the lifespan of these structures.

  6. Architectural Facades: Corten Steel is often used in architectural facades and cladding for its aesthetic appeal and weather-resistant properties. It provides a distinctive appearance while offering protection against atmospheric corrosion.

  7. Landscaping and Garden Design: The weathering properties of Corten Steel make it a popular choice for landscaping elements and garden design. It is used in the construction of retaining walls, planters, and other outdoor features.

  8. Mining Equipment: ASTM A588 Gr B is employed in the manufacturing of mining equipment, where its high strength and corrosion resistance are beneficial for withstanding the demanding conditions of mining operations.

  9. Highway Guardrails: Due to its durability and resistance to atmospheric corrosion, Corten Steel Grade B is used in the construction of highway guardrails, providing long-lasting protection along roadways.

  10. Power Plants and Industrial Facilities: Corten Steel is utilized in the construction of power plants and industrial facilities, where its strength and corrosion resistance contribute to the longevity of critical infrastructure.

Countries we supply ASTM A847 Grade 1 Tubes To

We Supply Our A588 Grade B Corten Steel Plate to various countries like Lebanon, Ireland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Belarus, Ecuador, China, Chile, Mexico, Mongolia, Thailand, France, Japan, Greece, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Yemen, Brazil, Norway, Costa Rica, Italy, Austria, Chile, Angola, Nigeria, Iraq, Portugal, Bhutan, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Gabon, Netherlands, Jordan, Egypt, Denmark, Bangladesh, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Philippines, Russia, Germany, Macau, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland, Croatia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Iran, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Peru, Romania, Colombia, Singapore, Hungary, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Oman, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Sweden, Argentina, Gambia, Lithuania, Bolivia, Tibet, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Serbia, Pakistan, Poland, Vietnam, Namibia, Taiwan, Spain, Nigeria, Finland, Kazakhstan, United States, South Korea, Nepal, Belgium, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Libya, Qatar, Estonia, Kuwait.

Cities export ASTM A847 Grade 1 Tubes To

We Supply Our ASTM A588 Grade B Steel Plate to various cities like Riyadh, Calgary, Granada, Navi Mumbai, Cairo, Ranchi, Haryana, Pune, Petaling Jaya, Nagpur, Tehran, Ho Chi Minh City, Faridabad, Lagos, Bengaluru, Seoul, Los Angeles, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Doha, Chennai, Caracas, Al Khobar, Houston, Nashik, Toronto, Mexico City, Coimbatore, Jamshedpur, Vung Tau, Dallas, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Montreal, Ahvaz, Howrah, Singapore, Gimhae-si, Aberdeen, Dammam, Brisbane, Kuwait City, Mumbai, Edmonton, Atyrau, Surat, Ahmedabad, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Karachi, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Perth, Manama, Ankara, Courbevoie, Hyderabad, Vadodara, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Jakarta, Baroda, Busan, Rajkot, Bogota, Chiyoda, Jeddah, London, Hanoi, Secunderabad, Jaipur, Colombo, Thane, Sharjah, Ernakulam, Bangkok, Al Jubail, Ludhiana, Thiruvananthapuram, Dubai, Algiers, Moscow, Milan, Visakhapatnam, Lahore, Port-of-Spain, Noida, Melbourne, Muscat, Kanpur, Indore, Ulsan, Geoje-si, Madrid, Bhopal, New York, La Victoria, Gurgaon, Santiago.

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