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Corten Steel Pipes & Tubes

Corten Steel Pipe and Tube are made from various grades of Corten steel, known for their weather-resistant properties. These steels develop a protective oxide layer on the surface, which enhances their durability. Corten Steel Tube is a top exporter and supplier of Corten Steel Pipe and Tube in multiple grades.

These Corten Steel Pipes come in different types, including Square Pipes and Rectangle Pipes. They are available in various sizes, specifications, and thicknesses. Customization is also offered to meet specific client needs, all at competitive prices.

Corten steel, also called weathering steel, has a rusted appearance that offers excellent aesthetic features, making it popular in design. The term “weathering” refers to the chemical composition that gives these steels greater resistance to environmental corrosion compared to other steels. This is due to the protective layer that forms on the surface as a result of weathering.

Advantages of Corten Pipe

  • Low Maintenance: Corten Pipes are ideal for structures where maintenance is difficult or risky, such as bridges, or where interruptions must be minimized, like near major roads or railways.
  • Durability: Weathering steel pipes are long-lasting and provide a maintenance-free operation.

One of the key benefits of Corten steel pipes is their low maintenance. They are ideal for structures where maintenance is difficult or dangerous, such as bridges, or where avoiding interruptions is important, like near major roads or railways. Corten steel pipes are commonly used in architecture, construction, public spaces (such as street furniture), and for creating high-end artworks, signage, chimneys, and fire bowls. They are also used in large structural applications like bridges and marine transportation.

Corten Steel Pipes are available in different sizes, thicknesses, and specifications to suit various requirements. Custom specifications are also provided to meet the specific needs of clients.

Corten Steel Tube is a leading exporter and supplier of Corten Steel Pipe and Tube, providing high-quality products in multiple grades to suit a variety of applications.

Corten Steel Pipes Specification

Materials : Corten Steel Pipes

Corten Steel Pipe Size Range : ½ OD to 16 OD

Corten Steel Pipe Standards : ASTM A 423 GR. 1, ASME SA 423, ASTM A847

Corten Steel Pipe Shape : Round, Square, Rectangle, Hydraulic, Honed Pipes

Corten Steel Pipe type : Weathering Steel / Corten Steel

Corten Steel Pipe Length : Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length

Square Pipe (Square Hollow Section)

Range : SHS 60 X 60 TO SHS 200 X 200

Length : 5500mm TO 6000mm

Rectangle Pipe (Rectangle Hollow Section)

Range : RHS 76 X 50 TO RHS 200 X 150

Length : 5500mm TO 6000mm

Round Welded Pipe

Range : DIA 20mm TO DIA 200mm

Length : 5500mm TO 6000mm

Corten Steel Pipe Chemical Composition

COMPOSITION Grade 1 Grade 2
Carbon, max 0.15 0.15
Manganese, max 0.55 0.50–1.00
Phosphorus 0.06–0.16 0.04 max
Sulfur, max 0.060 0.05
Silicon, min 0.10
Copper 0.20–0.60 0.30–1.00
Chromium 0.24–1.31
Nickel 0.20–0.70 0.40–1.10
Molybdenum, min 0.10

Corten steel Tube Mechanical Properties

Min. Yield Point Tensile Strength Elongation
IRSM 41- 97 [340 MPa] [480 MPa] 21% min
ASTM 588 GR. A [345 MPa] [485 MPa] 21% min
CORTEN A [355 MPa] [470 – 630 MPa] 20 % min
ASTM 242 TYPE -1 [345 MPa] [480 MPa] 16% min

Corten Steel Tube Equivalent Material Grade

AIR PRE HEATERS BS-6323-5 BS-6323-6 JIS G 3445 DIN 17177 EN 10217-1 AND 2 EN 10305-2 AND 3 ASTM A423 GR.1 ASTM A214

Corten Steel Tubing Pressure Rating Table

Pipe O.D.
Wall Thickness of Pipe/Tube (inches)
Working Pressure (psig)
5/16 370054007300    
3/8 310044006100    
1/2 230032004400    
3/4  2200300040004600  
1   22002900340039004300

Dimensions of Weathering Steel Tube

Mill length (mm)6000/12 000
Wall thickness (mm)2.0 – 12.5
Square (mm)40×40 – 300×300
Circular (mm)42.4 – 323.9
Rectangular (mm)50×30 – 400×200

Weathering Steel Circular Tube Dimensions

OUTER DIAMETER (mm)2.0 MM (kg/m)2.5 MM (kg/m)5.0 MM (kg/m)3.0 MM (kg/m)6.0 MM (kg/m)4.0 MM (kg/m)8.0 MM (kg/m)10.0 MM (kg/m)12.5 MM (kg/m)
219.1  26.4 31.521.241.751.663.7
42.41.992.46 2.91 3.79 3.35 4.37   
60.32.883.566.824.24 5.55   
273.0  33.1 39.526.552.364.980.3
88.9  10.46.3612.38.38   
76.13.654.548.775.41 7.11   
114  13.58.2316.010.9   
101.6  11.97.2914.29.63   
108.0  12.77.7715.110.3   
168.3  20.1 
127.0  15.09.1717.912.1   
139.7  16.6 19.813.426.032.0 
323.9  39.3     

Dimensions of Corten Steel Rectangular Tube

HEIGHT X WIDTH (MM)2.0 MM (kg/m)2.5 MM (kg/m)3.0 MM (kg/m)4.0 MM (kg/m)5.0 MM (kg/m)6.0 MM (kg/m)8.0 MM (kg/m)10.0 MM (kg/m)12.5 MM (kg/m)
60 x 402.933.604.255.456.56    
80 x 403.564.395.196.718.13    
50 x 302.312.823.304.20     
80 x 60  6.137.979.70    
100 x 40  6.137.979.70    
100 x 60  7.079.2211.313.2   
100 x 50  6.608.5910.512.3   
100 x 80  8.0110.512.815.1   
120 x 80  8.9611.714.417.021.425.6 
140 x 60   11.714.417.0   
120 x 60  8.0110.512.815.1   
140 x 80   
150 x 100   14.918.321.727.733.4 
160 x 80   14.317.620.826.431.8 
150 x 50   11.714.417.0   
180 x 100   16.820.724.531.438.1 
200 x 120    23.828.336.544.452.6
250 x 100 
200 x 100   18.022.326.434.041.348.7
250 x 150    30.135.846.557.068.3
300 x 150     40.552.864.878.1
300 x 100    30.135.846.557.068.3
300 x 200
400 x 200     54.771.688.4108

Applications of Corten Steel Tube

Corten Steel Tubes are widely used in architecture and construction for building facades, roofing, and bridges due to their durability and unique rusted appearance. They are also popular in public spaces for street furniture, planters, and sculptures. In industrial settings, Corten Tubes are used for chimneys, fire bowls, and marine transportation. Their low maintenance and long lifespan make them ideal for high-exposure and outdoor applications.

Corten Steel Pipes We Supply Globally

We Supply Our Corten Pipes to various countries like Vietnam, Bulgaria, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Belgium, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, Portugal, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Iran, Sweden, Bolivia, Pakistan, South Korea, Nepal, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Tunisia, Norway, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Mongolia, Finland, Slovakia, France, Angola, Serbia, Belarus, Iran, Ukraine, Qatar, Denmark, Peru, Czech Republic, Iraq, Chile, Malaysia, Russia, Oman, Morocco, Libya, Chile, New Zealand, Nigeria, Croatia, Nigeria, Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, Ireland, Bhutan, China, Tibet, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Philippines, Israel, Romania, Sri Lanka, Germany, Ghana, Bahrain, South Africa, Greece, Mexico, Colombia, Bangladesh, Gambia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Venezuela, Mexico, India, Poland, Macau, Namibia, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Japan, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Taiwan, Egypt, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Poland, Spain, Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Kuwait.

Corten Steel Pipes We Supply Worldwide

We Supply Our Corten Steel Pipe to various cities like Nashik, Bangkok, Perth, Vadodara, Sharjah, Dallas, Houston, New York, London, Kolkata, Geoje-si, Busan, Manama, Chennai, Jakarta, Brisbane, Dammam, Santiago, Mexico City, Mumbai, Kanpur, Visakhapatnam, Doha, Ulsan, Secunderabad, Aberdeen, Gurgaon, Istanbul, Singapore, Atyrau, Abu Dhabi, Chiyoda, Rajkot, Al Jubail, Muscat, Faridabad, Madrid, Ahmedabad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Tehran, Dubai, Montreal, Bengaluru, Vung Tau, Indore, Pune, Courbevoie, Thane, Los Angeles, Ludhiana, Jamshedpur, Rio de Janeiro, Edmonton, Navi Mumbai, Calgary, Gimhae-si, Noida, Baroda, Granada, Kuala Lumpur, Chandigarh, Kuwait City, Lahore, Haryana, Melbourne, Ranchi, Riyadh, Hong Kong, Ahvaz, Cairo, Jeddah, Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram, Algiers, Moscow, Nagpur, Al Khobar, Ankara, Howrah, Port-of-Spain, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Petaling Jaya, New Delhi, Surat, Bogota, Karachi, Seoul, Milan, Jaipur, Sydney, La Victoria, Toronto, Caracas, Lagos, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Colombo, Coimbatore.

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