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What are IRSM 41-97 Steel Grade Plates?

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The IRSM-41-97 PLATES are wear-resistant steel plates designed for service in adverse environments. It is the most commonly used plate in industrial and commercial areas. It is an economically priced and versatile corrosion-resistant grade for general applications. The alloying elements enable it to meet desired mechanical properties. The plates resist atmospheric corrosion in moderate oxidizing and [...]

What is special about the corten steel bar?

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Weathered steel, also known as corten steel, is an alloy of steel commonly used outdoors. Corten steel was designed to eliminate the need to paint. If left outside in the elements, it will develop a rusty appearance within just a few months. Coal wagon manufacturers in America in the 1930's noticed certain steel alloys developed a [...]

Corten Steel cladding For Architectural Buildings

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For your next roofing or cladding project, new doesn't always mean better. When you can combine the best of the old with modern innovation, you can create something truly special. Cor-Ten A weather-resistant steel offers a glimpse into the future while also paying homage to the time-tested strength of the past. Weather-resistant steel cor-ten A offers [...]

How to care for Corten steel panel?

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Corten Steel Panel is a durable, weathering steel that starts out a typical steely grey color and develops a warm, rust-colored patina over time. Unlike rust, however, this patina is non-corrosive and doesn't affect the steel's integrity. You can let the steel weather naturally, or speed it along with a simple solution of vinegar, salt, and [...]