It takes some planning and preparation to install a corten steel retaining wall.

How to build corten steel walls are designed to hold back earth and soil from the downhill side of a slope. Often, they are used on steep terrain where the ground has been eroded by water or other natural forces. A square tube made of curved steel is a popular type of retaining wall. Typically painted or stained with a red rust color, these walls are used to create a dry-stone wall in steep garden slopes.

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The how to build corten steel retaining wall can be done in various ways, but there are two main methods for installing them. “Roll forms” are the most common method used. A stable base is established by laying out formwork. In between the corten steel panels, rebar and mesh are inserted. To create a new foundation for the wall, concrete is poured around the rebar. Plant forms are a less-common method. Concrete is cast around rebar using a pneumatic piston driven by compressed air.

The corten steel retaining walls are made up of sections that are bolted together to form a barrier or wall. Compared with other options, such as brick, corten steel retaining walls can handle heavy loads. Furthermore, corten steel is very durable. Corten Steel Construction for Driveways and Garages. Corten steel is often chosen over wood for building garages and driveways because it can be erected quickly, without the expense of foundations. When you are building in a small space or on a limited budget, this is especially useful. The corten steel can also handle heavy loads, such as those placed on a garage floor, without buckling or breaking.

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Excavators or cranes can be used to lift them into place. Excavators are the most efficient way to lift and install them, but they also require expertise and a lot of effort. It takes more time to set up the crane on the roof. Before installing them, the surrounding areas must be cleared and stabilized. Lifting these units into the roof requires a crane. Because they are quite heavy, cranes are the only way to lift them. A person who knows what they are doing can also install them.

This article provides the steps, How to build corten steel retaining wall?

  1. Measure your site and determine how much wall space you need.
  2. To determine what type of soil your retaining wall will be sitting on. 

  3. To decide where you want the bottom of the wall to be, which should be at least one foot above ground level. 

  4. To dig a trench around where you want the retaining wall, and line it with concrete blocks or bricks. 

  5. To pour concrete into the trench, and let it set up for 24 hours before proceeding with steps six through eight. 

  6. through eight include pouring mortar onto the blocks or bricks in your trench, then placing them in place against the sides of your trench, then pounding the mortar into place.