Corten steel Landscaping Ideas: 10 Surprising Ways to Use Corten Landscaping 

  1. Fire Pits

  2. Retaining Walls

  3. Raised Beds

  4. Gates

  5. Walls

  6. Fences

  7. Water Features

  8. Snake Barriers

The more we see Cor-ten steel in the garden, the more we like it. Everywhere we look, we’re seeing the handsome weathered hardscape material.Corten steel landscaping Ideas That Make the garden look good.

Fences, raised garden beds, and retaining walls feature Cor-ten steel’s natural rust finish. As with, Cor-ten is actually the trade name of a U.S. Steel product. Like, the copyrighted name is now often used to refer to a whole class of products. When exposed to the elements, Cor-ten forms a protective layer of rust.)

Weathering Cor-ten over time makes it stronger and harder, which is one of its biggest advantages. A hot, humid climate makes Cor-ten unsuitable, and it bleaches rust-colored water and stains paths and patios. In the right setting, Cor-ten is both durable and beautiful. Eight ways to use burnt orange in the garden

Here The Types of corten steel in landscape design

Corten steel fire pit
Corten retaining wall
Corten raised beds
cortel steel gates
Corten steel walls
corten fences
Corten water features