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Corten Steel Supplier UK

At Corten Steel Tube, our commitment goes beyond being a dependable CorTen steel sheet supplier. We prioritize delivering an exceptional experience by combining an extensive stock with unparalleled customer service. In addition to offering a range of high-quality products, we take pride in providing swift delivery services throughout the UK. As part of our customer-centric approach, we also offer a complimentary unlimited cutting service.

When you choose to order CorTen steel sheets from us, you have the flexibility to select from various lengths, thicknesses, and dimensions to meet your specific requirements. Our user-friendly ordering system allows you to make purchases conveniently through our online platform or by phone. Whether you prefer the ease of online transactions or personalized assistance through a phone call, Corten Steel Tube strives to make the process seamless, ensuring that you receive the products you need with the utmost convenience.

As exporters and suppliers of Corten steel sheets in the United Kingdom, we take pride in our extensive ready stock, totaling more than 500 tons, making us one of the largest stockholders of Corten steel materials in the region. Our dedicated team is committed to consistently delivering high-quality Corten steel sheets and plates to clients across the United Kingdom. Corten Steel, also known as weathering steel, enjoys high demand due to its versatility and wide range of applications.

With a vast inventory on hand, we are well-equipped to meet the varying needs of our clients, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of Corten steel products. Our commitment to quality, combined with a robust supply chain, positions us as a reliable source for Corten steel materials in the United Kingdom. Whether for construction projects, architectural applications, or other uses, our Corten steel sheets are designed to meet the highest standards, providing durability and visual appeal in diverse environments.

As one of the leading CorTen steel sheet suppliers in the UK, we offer a diverse range of weathering steel available in different sizes to cater to various project requirements. Our product offerings include cold-reduced CorTen steel plates with thicknesses of 1.5mm and 2mm, as well as hot-rolled 3mm steel plates. Each thickness option is available with a variety of standard widths and heights to provide flexibility in selection.

For customers with specific dimensions in mind, our free unlimited cutting service ensures that you receive CorTen steel sheets tailored to your exact specifications. Utilizing a top-rate guillotine, we guarantee precision and repeatability in every cut. Simply communicate your requirements during the ordering process, and we will handle the rest.

All our CorTen steel sheets are initially supplied unweathered, mirroring the appearance shown in the product images. As the CorTen steel plate undergoes the natural weathering process, the rust layer will gradually transform into a dark brown or rustic orange tone, characteristic of CorTen metal. The pace of this process depends on environmental conditions, whether wet or dry.

To facilitate easy installation, our CorTen steel sheets can be directly fixed to a flat surface using screws. If fixing holes are required (4 holes, 1 in each corner), customers can specify this by noting ‘fixing holes’ in the shopping cart’s note section, and we will provide this service accordingly. At The Metal Store, we prioritize customization, ensuring that our customers receive CorTen steel sheets that meet their specific needs and preferences.

Corten Steel Sheet Grades & Sizes We Supply

Sr No.GradesSizes
  Thickness – 1.65mm, 2mm, 3mm, 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
1Corten A SheetStandard Size: 4ft x 8ft, 2000mm / 1500mm x 3000mm /6000mm.
Coil Also Available
2Corten B SheetStandard Size: 4ft x 8ft, 2000mm / 1500mm x 3000mm /6000mm.
Coil Also Available
3IRSM 41-97 SheetStandard Size: 4ft x 8ft, 2000mm / 1500mm x 3000mm /6000mm.
Coil Also Available
4ASTM A588 SheetStandard Size: 4ft x 8ft, 2000mm / 1500mm x 3000mm /6000mm.
Coil Also Available

Corten Steel Plate Mechanical Properties and Thickness Ranges

 Thickness (mm)
Strip Products
Plate ProductsYield strength
Tensile stength
Corten A2 – 126 – 1234548520
Corten B2 – 136 – 4034548519

Corten Steel Chemical Composition

Content, % (ladle analysis)
C (max) Si Mn P S (max) Al V Cu Cr Ni (max)
Corten A 0.12 0.25–0.75 0.20–0.50 0.07–0.15 0.030 0.015–0.06 0.25–0.55 0.50–1.25 0.65
Corten B 0.19 0.30–0.65 0.80–1.25 0.035 max. 0.030 0.020–0.06 0.02–0.10 0.25–0.40 0.40–0.65 0.40

Formability of Corten Steel

Thickness (mm)
(2)–3 (3)–4 (4)–5 (5)–6 (6)–7 (7)–8 (8)–10 (10)–12 (12)–14 (14)–16 (16)–18 (18)–20
Smallest allowable internal bending radius mm
Corten A 6 8 10 12 21 24 30 36 42
Corten B 6 8 10 12 21 24 30 36 42 48 54 60

Heat Treatment of Corten Steel

Heat TreatmentTemperature °CTreatment Time
Manner of cooling
Stress relieving500–600
(target 580)
2 minutes / millimetre thickness, minimum 30 minutes
Slow cooling in the furnace
(target 910)
1 minute / millimetre thickness, minimum 15 minutes
Free cooling in air atmosphere outside the oven

Applications of ASTM A847 Steel Tubing

Corten steel, also known as weathering steel, has a wide range of applications across various industries due to its unique properties, which include corrosion resistance, durability, and distinctive aesthetic appeal. Here are some common applications of Corten steel:

  1. Architectural Structures: Corten steel is frequently used in architectural structures such as buildings, bridges, and monuments. Its weathered appearance adds a rustic and artistic element to modern architectural designs.

  2. Outdoor Sculptures and Art Installations: The unique weathering characteristics of Corten steel make it a popular choice for outdoor sculptures and art installations. The evolving patina enhances the visual appeal of the artwork.

  3. Landscaping: Corten steel is utilized in landscaping elements such as retaining walls, planter boxes, edging, and decorative features. Its natural weathering process integrates well with outdoor environments.

  4. Railroad Cars: Due to its durability and resistance to corrosion, Corten steel is used in the construction of railroad cars. It helps withstand the harsh conditions encountered during transportation.

  5. Shipping Containers: Corten steel is commonly used in the manufacturing of shipping containers. Its corrosion-resistant properties make it well-suited to endure the exposure to saltwater and the elements during transportation.

  6. Construction Equipment: Corten steel is employed in the construction of heavy machinery and equipment due to its high strength and resilience. It provides longevity and reliability in challenging construction environments.

  7. Outdoor Furniture: The weather-resistant properties of Corten steel make it suitable for crafting outdoor furniture such as benches, tables, and decorative elements. Its unique appearance adds a modern touch to outdoor spaces.

  8. Facade Cladding: Corten steel is used for facade cladding in buildings to create a visually striking exterior. The rusted surface adds texture and character to the building’s appearance.

Countries we supply ASTM A847 Grade 1 Tubes To

We Supply Our Corten Steel to various countries like Lebanon, Ireland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Belarus, Ecuador, China, Chile, Mexico, Mongolia, Thailand, France, Japan, Greece, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Yemen, Brazil, Norway, Costa Rica, Italy, Austria, Chile, Angola, Nigeria, Iraq, Portugal, Bhutan, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Gabon, Netherlands, Jordan, Egypt, Denmark, Bangladesh, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Philippines, Russia, Germany, Macau, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland, Croatia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Iran, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Peru, Romania, Colombia, Singapore, Hungary, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Oman, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Sweden, Argentina, Gambia, Lithuania, Bolivia, Tibet, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Serbia, Pakistan, Poland, Vietnam, Namibia, Taiwan, Spain, Nigeria, Finland, Kazakhstan, United States, South Korea, Nepal, Belgium, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Libya, Qatar, Estonia, Kuwait.

Cities export ASTM A847 Grade 1 Tubes To

We Supply Our Corten Steel to various cities like Riyadh, Calgary, Granada, Navi Mumbai, Cairo, Ranchi, Haryana, Pune, Petaling Jaya, Nagpur, Tehran, Ho Chi Minh City, Faridabad, Lagos, Bengaluru, Seoul, Los Angeles, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Doha, Chennai, Caracas, Al Khobar, Houston, Nashik, Toronto, Mexico City, Coimbatore, Jamshedpur, Vung Tau, Dallas, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Montreal, Ahvaz, Howrah, Singapore, Gimhae-si, Aberdeen, Dammam, Brisbane, Kuwait City, Mumbai, Edmonton, Atyrau, Surat, Ahmedabad, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Karachi, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Perth, Manama, Ankara, Courbevoie, Hyderabad, Vadodara, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Jakarta, Baroda, Busan, Rajkot, Bogota, Chiyoda, Jeddah, London, Hanoi, Secunderabad, Jaipur, Colombo, Thane, Sharjah, Ernakulam, Bangkok, Al Jubail, Ludhiana, Thiruvananthapuram, Dubai, Algiers, Moscow, Milan, Visakhapatnam, Lahore, Port-of-Spain, Noida, Melbourne, Muscat, Kanpur, Indore, Ulsan, Geoje-si, Madrid, Bhopal, New York, La Victoria, Gurgaon, Santiago.

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