Corten Steel Plate Suppliers In Philippines

Corten Steel Plate Suppliers in Philippines

Corten Steel, popularly known as weathering steel, is in high demand in the Philippines due to its exceptional mechanical and chemical properties. Its versatility makes it a sought-after material in various industries, including architectural design, heat exchanger and boiler manufacturing, sculpture creation, signage production, railway components, planter construction, interior design, fabrication, and container manufacturing.

Corten Steel Plates are available in different grades such as Corten A, IRSM 41-97, ASTM A588, ASTM A606, Corten B, among others. These grades cater to diverse applications, providing solutions for different environmental and structural requirements.

Amardeep Steel Centre, as a government-recognized export house, stands out as a leading Corten Steel Plate supplier and stockist in the Philippines. The company’s recognition is a testament to its commitment to quality and reliability in providing Corten Steel Plates for various industrial and creative endeavors.

With its unique weathering properties, Corten Steel not only serves functional purposes in different applications but also adds an aesthetic appeal with its distinctive rust-like appearance. Amardeep Steel Centre plays a crucial role in meeting the demands of the Philippine market for this versatile and durable steel.

Amardeep Steel Centre stands as a highly regarded manufacturer of Corten Steel Plates, boasting a substantial monthly output of around 10,000 metric tons. Our clientele extends globally, reflecting our widespread reach and dependable services. We specialize in delivering Corten plates of superior quality, adhering to stringent quality control processes throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.

From the initial stages of production to the final product, we implement a rigorous quality check on all Corten steel materials. Our dedicated team thoroughly inspects each component before dispatch to clients, ensuring a flawless end product. This unwavering commitment to quality assurance guarantees our clients receive impeccable materials, eliminating any potential challenges in their projects. Amardeep Steel Centre’s dedication to excellence solidifies our position as a trusted and preferred Corten steel plate manufacturer in the industry.

Corten Steel Plate Price, Thickness And Other Specifications

Sr NoUnitValue
1Corten Steel Plate Thickness1.5mm, 1.65mm, 2mm, 3mm, 3.15mm, 4mm,
5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.
2Grades / EquivalentCorten A & B, IRSM 41/97, ASTM A588 Grade A,
ASTM A606, ASTM A242, etc
3Corten Steel Plate PriceDepends on the grade, size and quantity
Price Range: USD 835/- to USD 1250/- per ton
4Corten Steel Plates OriginIndia, China, European
5FormCoil, Sheet, Roll, Plate, Tube, Pipe
6Sizes Available1250mm x 2500mm, 1250mm x 3000mm, 1250mm x 5000mm
1250mm x 6300mm, 1250mm x coil cut
1500mm x length as per requirement
2000mm x coil cut

Chemical Composition of Corten Steel Plates

Content, % (ladle analysis)
C (max) Si Mn P S (max) Al V Cu Cr Ni (max)
Corten A 0.12 0.25–0.75 0.20–0.50 0.07–0.15 0.030 0.015–0.06 0.25–0.55 0.50–1.25 0.65
Corten B 0.19 0.30–0.65 0.80–1.25 0.035 max. 0.030 0.020–0.06 0.02–0.10 0.25–0.40 0.40–0.65 0.40

Mechanical Properties and Thickness Ranges for Corten Steel Plates

 Thickness (mm)
Strip Products
Plate ProductsYield strength
Tensile stength
Corten A2 – 126 – 1234548520
Corten B2 – 136 – 4034548519

Formability of Corten Steel

Thickness (mm)
(2)–3 (3)–4 (4)–5 (5)–6 (6)–7 (7)–8 (8)–10 (10)–12 (12)–14 (14)–16 (16)–18 (18)–20
Smallest allowable internal bending radius mm
Corten A 6 8 10 12 21 24 30 36 42
Corten B 6 8 10 12 21 24 30 36 42 48 54 60
Values apply to all forming directions

Heat Treatment of Corten Steel

Heat Treatment Temperature °C Treatment Time Manner of cooling
Stress relieving 500–600 (target 580) 2 minutes / millimetre thickness, minimum 30 minutes Slow cooling in the furnace
Normalising 860–940 (target 910) 1 minute / millimetre thickness, minimum 15 minutes Free cooling in air atmosphere outside the oven

Corten Steel Plate We Supply Globally To

We Supply Our Corten Steel Plate to various countries like Lebanon, Ireland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Belarus, Ecuador, China, Chile, Mexico, Mongolia, Thailand, France, Japan, Greece, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Yemen, Brazil, Norway, Costa Rica, Italy, Austria, Chile, Angola, Nigeria, Iraq, Portugal, Bhutan, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Gabon, Netherlands, Jordan, Egypt, Denmark, Bangladesh, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Philippines, Russia, Germany, Macau, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland, Croatia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Iran, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Peru, Romania, Colombia, Singapore, Hungary, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Oman, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Sweden, Argentina, Gambia, Lithuania, Bolivia, Tibet, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Serbia, Pakistan, Poland, Vietnam, Namibia, Taiwan, Spain, Nigeria, Finland, Kazakhstan, United States, South Korea, Nepal, Belgium, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Libya, Qatar, Estonia, Kuwait.

Corten Steel Plate Plates We Supply Worldwide To

We Supply Our Corten Steel Plate to various cities like Riyadh, Calgary, Granada, Navi Mumbai, Cairo, Ranchi, Haryana, Pune, Petaling Jaya, Nagpur, Tehran, Ho Chi Minh City, Faridabad, Lagos, Bengaluru, Seoul, Los Angeles, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Doha, Chennai, Caracas, Al Khobar, Houston, Nashik, Toronto, Mexico City, Coimbatore, Jamshedpur, Vung Tau, Dallas, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Montreal, Ahvaz, Howrah, Singapore, Gimhae-si, Aberdeen, Dammam, Brisbane, Kuwait City, Mumbai, Edmonton, Atyrau, Surat, Ahmedabad, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Karachi, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Perth, Manama, Ankara, Courbevoie, Hyderabad, Vadodara, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Jakarta, Baroda, Busan, Rajkot, Bogota, Chiyoda, Jeddah, London, Hanoi, Secunderabad, Jaipur, Colombo, Thane, Sharjah, Ernakulam, Bangkok, Al Jubail, Ludhiana, Thiruvananthapuram, Dubai, Algiers, Moscow, Milan, Visakhapatnam, Lahore, Port-of-Spain, Noida, Melbourne, Muscat, Kanpur, Indore, Ulsan, Geoje-si, Madrid, Bhopal, New York, La Victoria, Gurgaon, Santiago.

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