What is the advantage of corten steel?

What are the benefits of Corten Steel?

The construction industry frequently uses weathering steel (Corten A and Corten B Steels). Due to its chemical composition, the metal has a rust-like appearance. Using weathering steel for construction has a number of benefits. We will discuss those benefits in this post.

Low Maintenance

All that needs to be done to expose weathering steel is periodic cleaning and inspection.  Water is used to wash away any natural debris or contamination from rusted surfaces during periodic cleaning.  The weathering steel members can be regularly cleaned if strong rains are applied properly. The oxide structure also helps heal scratches and dings naturally and without the need to replace the material.

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Long Term Cost Savings & Performance

The durability of the material ensures that structures and buildings built up to 50 years ago can save money over the long run. The material is used throughout the world among DOTs and transportation structures due to its long-term cost savings.  Utilizing the living, protective nature of this material also eliminates the expensive costs associated with painting and the whole life costs associated with onsite paint maintenance. The use of corten steel is ideal in situations with future maintenance that is either dangerous or difficult, or in which traffic needs to be minimized as much as possible.

Environmental Benefits (LEED Credits)

Due to the reduction of VOC emissions associated with paint coatings and cleaning methods, weathered steel offers a wide range of LEED certifications since it is a sustainable building product.  Exceeding LEED requirements for MR 4.1/4.2, MR 2.1/2.2, MR 5.2/5.2 credits, in addition to other green qualities such as 100% recyclable and made from recycled content, makes using our product an environmental benefit.  (Each project specification will include information on environmental benefits.)

Dynamic Appearance and Texture

Aged weathering steel brings a multi-dimensional aspect to a building’s appearance.  The patina can transform multiple times on a daily basis from a state of dry to wet (and back again) and with it brings a sense of depth and wonder.  The weathered steel becomes something more than was originally perceived.  You will begin to recognize the subtle appearance hiding behind the exposed surfaces, waiting to be experienced anew.  Very few materials provide a depth that can be dramatically transformed with the ambient environment.  Rich in deep tones and a variegated character, the patina continues to blend and improve with age.  As the oxide layer further develops, deeper and more earthy tones are naturally brought out of the oxide structure.

Minimizing Cost & Lead Time

Corten steel, used in its raw form, is the best choice for the most streamlined, minimal-cost application that reduces overall cost and lead times.  Initially flash rust develops over raw corten steel when it is clad, and it runs off and bleeds onto adjoining surfaces.  A gutter or catch system can be included in the design to reduce this risk by hiding or transferring the ferrites that are loose. The pre-weathered Goethite Steel we offer reduces bleeding that is associated with Corten Steel when run-off and staining are undesirable.

Corrosion Resistance

The high level of corrosion resistance of weathering steel is due to its alloying with copper, nickel, and chromium. Steel types other than stainless steel can rust at different rates due to moisture and air, which will not provide protection. This type of rust is extremely porous and can fall off the material after time.

Weathering steel does still undergo the initial rusting process, but the alloying elements create a consistent and stable layer of rust that adheres to the material. Upon exposure to moisture and air, this rust layer provides protection.

Corrosion resistance of this metal makes it a durable choice for construction, making weathering steel an affordable choice.


An aesthetically pleasing aspect of weathering steel is the orange-red color of the protective rust layer. Sometimes, it is the unmistakable appearance that draws people to weathering steel.

The benefits of corten steel include its durability and ease of maintenance. Corten is a very low maintenance steel, making it an excellent choice for structures like bridges where maintenance is difficult or dangerous or where a low level of disruption is needed on roads or railways. Unlike other types of steel, corten can be constructed faster because painting is no longer necessary. Due to Corten Steel’s resistance to corrosion, the rust appears on the surface which may increase the longevity of an application, making it an attractive alternative to stainless steel.

If a surface patina, in fact, is scratched or damaged, then oxidization takes place to recreate the protective layer. Corten is therefore regarded as a material which has a life of its own and protects itself spontaneously. Corten steel offers several advantages, aside from its “warm” appearance: it reduces thickness and the consequent weight savings, and it can be regenerated repeatedly, thus allowing a constant protection even when it is exposed to the elements. Apart from its “warm” appearance, Corten steel also has another advantage: it decreases thickness and allows for substantial weight savings.

Due to its inherent characteristics, steel is also recyclable. Corten can be recycled to take on any other function once the useful life of the project ends. About 99% of the material is recycled. Weathering steel provides many advantages for those considering building on their property. One of these is that it is virtually corrosion resistant. When it is initially exposed to atmospheric conditions, it forms a protective layer of rust that prevents future corrosion. As a result, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money through both short- and long-term maintenance and repair.

This material does not need to be painted either, since Corten steel forms a protective layer of rust. In order to preserve the natural appearance of weathering steel buildings, they should not be painted. When it comes to maintaining your steel building, this will save you time and money as well. In addition, Corten steel’s distinctive reddish/brown color remains eye-catching and adds curb appeal to your home. Furthermore, Corten steel is extremely strong and will withstand the test of time easily. Heavy structures and large structures with loads may be supported by this material. It can be used for a variety of different types of buildings on your property, which makes it a good option for many purposes.

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