One of the types of construction and decorating materials corten steel siding is used to cover building facades, windows, floors, roofs, or as fences, screens, guard corten steel wall panels, water channels, as well as art galleries, museums, the world expo, memorial halls, and so on, both indoors and outdoors, in gardens, parks, houses, and rooms. This is because Corten steel is the raw material with the best unique surface colour, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, strength, toughness, easy processing, and other properties. Due to its wide application area, Corten steel siding is very popular with architects.Tha main use of corten steel siding panels Is for housing & Interior, Outdoor purpose.

Corten Steel Siding

What is the best way to make corten steel siding?

Step1. professional designer designed the model according to your conception. Our Engineer makes the shop drawing based on your designed drawing to get your confirmation.


Choosing the corten steel raw materials focus on your application structure and environment. Some parts need bigger bearing capacity, will choose appropriate higher yield and tensile strength materials to use, And recommend material grade and level depending on your application temperature and environment. Like Acid-resistant environment, we advise you to use 09CrCuSb, Q355NS etc Sulfuric acid dew point corrosion resistant steel.


Rolling, profiling, cutting (Laser cutting, Oxy-fuel cutting, Plasma cutting, shearing, sawing, forming). Drilling, milling, chamfering, bending, welding, and so on to finish the same product as the drawing. With’s principle of good faith to keep on time delivery time,’s engineer has more than 10 years of experience.



First shot blasting corten steel siding to remove floating rust, then keeping the surface rust colour even. Following that, rust colour is created according to the end user’s request, and then the rust colour is fixed by using a curing agent. There is no harm to acier corten’s performance or surface, as well as people’s health. One way to speed up the rusting process is to coat the hyaline membrane to fix the rust colour and prevent it from fading. Your hands feel smooth and free of rust stains when you feel the corten steel surface.



The individual parts are separated by corrugated cardboard to prevent surface erosion, and the boxes are customised to load less than 3 tons for convenient unloading in the destination port. Transport by container or bulk ship for larger quantities, air or express for smaller quantities. With’s cooperative transport company, we can keep a good price and deliver on time.


If it is a small project, advises customers to install it themselves. offers installation instructions and guides for installation online. If the end user needs it, can send engineers to install it on site for larger projects.