Adding  Corten steel bird bath ideas to your garden will not only attract feathered visitors, but enhance its style credentials as well. Whether in stone or ceramic, shallow reflection bowls or dramatic sculptural statements, these features instantly add structure, interest and character.

Adding a dash of colour to your bird bath is also possible with bird bath bowls. Classic pedestal bird baths, hanging saucers, and stake bird baths can be dotted among flower borders or take centre stage if you’re rewilding your garden. Every taste and location can be met by a design. 

Corten Steel bird bath 1

Why is it so important to provide fresh water to garden birds? To put it simply, they need it to drink and bathe. The majority of liquids consumed by birds come from food and drinking. Depending on their diet, some need it more than others. 

Thrushes and blackbirds, which eat insects, get most of their water from their food; sparrows and tits, on the other hand, must supplement their dry food with water. Birds need water for bathing to remove dirt from their feathers and preen, topping up the essential waterproofing oils that also keep them warm.

Corten steel bird bath 2

If not properly used and maintained, corten steel bird baths can be dangerous, even deadly, to birds. When birders learn about Corten steel bird bath safety, they will be prepared to offer their backyard birds a cool drink or quick dip without accidentally harming them.

A Corten steel bird bath is a great way to attract more birds to your yard, but an unattractive, poorly used one is more dangerous. It is possible to minimise the risks and maximise the rewards of attracting birds with water by knowing what threats Corten steel bird baths pose.