Position Overview:

We are seeking a highly skilled and dedicated Quality Manager to lead our quality assurance and control efforts for our steel piping company. As the Quality Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of our manufacturing and production processes meet the highest quality standards. Your role will involve developing and implementing quality management systems, conducting inspections, and collaborating with various teams to continuously improve product quality and customer satisfaction. The ideal candidate will possess strong leadership abilities, a deep understanding of quality control methodologies, and a commitment to delivering top-notch products to our customers.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Quality Management Systems:

    • Establish and maintain a comprehensive quality management system that complies with industry standards and regulations.
    • Develop quality policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure consistent quality across all aspects of production.
  2. Inspection and Testing:

    • Plan and conduct inspections, tests, and audits of raw materials, in-process production, and finished products to assess quality compliance.
    • Ensure that all steel piping products meet required specifications and performance criteria.
  3. Non-Conformance Management:

    • Identify and address non-conformances and quality issues promptly, investigating root causes and implementing corrective and preventive actions.
    • Collaborate with relevant departments to implement effective solutions and prevent recurrence.
  4. Supplier Quality Management:

    • Evaluate and monitor the performance of suppliers, conducting supplier audits and assessments to ensure adherence to quality standards.
    • Work with suppliers to address quality issues and implement improvement plans.
  5. Continuous Improvement:

    • Champion a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging all team members to identify opportunities for enhancing quality and efficiency.
    • Implement quality improvement initiatives and monitor their effectiveness.
  6. Customer Satisfaction:

    • Collaborate with the sales and customer service teams to understand customer feedback and concerns related to product quality.
    • Address customer complaints and implement corrective actions to improve customer satisfaction.
  7. Training and Development:

    • Provide training and guidance to employees on quality standards, processes, and best practices.
    • Promote quality awareness throughout the organization.
  8. Compliance and Certifications:

    • Ensure compliance with relevant industry standards, regulations, and certifications related to steel piping products.
    • Oversee the process of obtaining and maintaining necessary quality certifications.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Quality Management, or a related field. A Master’s degree is a plus.
  • Proven experience (typically 5+ years) in quality management, preferably in the steel piping industry.
  • In-depth knowledge of quality control methodologies, standards, and regulations as per ASTM standards.
  • Familiarity with relevant industry certifications and quality management systems, such as ISO 9001.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to analyze data and drive data-based decisions.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team, fostering a culture of quality and continuous improvement.
  • Detail-oriented with a focus on precision and accuracy in quality assessment and control.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making abilities to address quality issues effectively.

Join our dynamic team as a Quality Manager and play a critical role in ensuring that our steel piping products meet the highest quality standards, delivering exceptional value to our customers. If you have a passion for quality management, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to excellence, we look forward to receiving your application.


Salary: 15000-30000

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) For QC:


  • Reworking range.
  • Team growing in different products.
  • Customer complaints & doubts.


  • Cost handling.
  • Quality standards are maintained.
  • Supplier rejection rate.

Project Management:

  • Project timeline adherence.
  • Project budget management.
  • Effective communication and collaboration with cross-functional teams.
  • Successful project completion rate.

Technical Competence:

  • Participation in training and certification programs.
  • Contribution to the development of quality standards and procedures.
  • Technical problem-solving skills and ability to identify root causes.
  • Mentoring and knowledge-sharing with junior QC engineers.


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