is  one of the leading Corten steel planters suppliers in Australia. You can add colour and style to your garden with corten steel planters, also known as rusted planters.

Corten steel planters 1

In the fall, corten planter boxes will insulate plants inside during cold spells and keep soil temperatures more consistent. Corten planter boxes can last up to 10 years or longer, even in poor conditions. Steel is a food-safe material (more on that later). A Corten bed is corrosion-resistant and won’t chip, crack, or peel.

Reddish-brown is the natural colour of corten steel. Green plants and corten steel make a unique combination. It is actually beautiful all year round because of the remarkable colours. You can’t go wrong with green plants or very colourful flowers and plants. All other colours can be handled by the neutral colour!

Corten steel planters 2

(Depending on the model) our Corten Steel planters have a standard thickness of 2 or 3mm. Corten steel is also known as weather-resistant steel. When exposed to the elements, Corten Steel naturally weathers and develops a protective layer of rust. Planter boxes and pots created by Urban Metalwork are designed for both functionality and aesthetics. 


Any indoor or outdoor area can be enhanced with a well-designed planter. Urban Metalworks planter boxes are made from durable and maintenance-free metals including Corten steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Corten steel planters 3

The variety of metals we offer allows us to create heritage style or contemporary style planters, suitable for all kinds of homes and developments. In addition to our standard range of Corten steel planters, we can arrange a consultation with you to discuss a completely custom design.

Corten steel planters 4

If you need two, three or more planter boxes or pots to furnish a larger area, we can create “families” of them.

Our range of planters includes

  • planter boxes
  • pots
  • feature planters
  • clusters
  • sets
  • screen planters.