Once again, the Corten steel building has reached new heights in popularity. With its unique rusted appearance, weathering steel allows architects to create eye-catching building designs. Contrary to popular belief, most rustic building designs you see today are not made from Cor-ten. Instead, they are constructed using steel that meets ASTM standards.

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Corten steel Architecture
Corten steel Architecture 1

Steel structural components – specifically hollow structural steel – are used throughout the entire building and landscape according to the architect’s overall design. Many of these design elements can be found in the entrances of buildings, such as entryways, fences, signs, and planters.

ASTM A847 tube and pipe are used in the architectural design of bridges, ladders, light poles, sign poles, sculptures, and blower boxes due to their high strength-to-weight ratio. It is best to begin by answering the most common questions listed below to gain a deeper understanding of why architects use Cor-ten tubes and pipes. We hope this helps.

All architects have respected the properties of Corten steel, both for its strength and its distinctive color. It is a type of steel made with a chemical composition that imparts an oxidation that protects the piece practically without altering its mechanical properties.

The architectural details of Corten steel present a diversity of situations and connections, which not only adds constructive value but also aesthetic value to any architectural project.

A low-alloy steel like Corten steel is often used to help buildings survive in arid climates like Arizona or Arkansas. Low-alloy steel is a resilient material for architecture living in harsh environments. A healthy patina of colors develops on corten steel from a rusty orange burnish to a silvery glaze that lets it sink in or stand out, depending on the environment. Corten steel is also chosen to coexist with nature.

On this windswept plain, Emilio Marn and Juan Carlos López built a Corten steel visitor center to help attract tourists to the desert region of Atacama.

Architecture and landscape are intertwined in the description of the project by architects. Wings – perhaps best understood as petals arranged around a core – form wedge-shaped structures connected by an internal corridor, but read as abstracted series of forms from a distance, united by a common cladding material. 

Weathering steel is used in rail buildings, auto-portables, bridge structures, tower structures, photovoltaic power stations, and highway structures where materials are exposed to the environment. Additionally, it can be used to make holders, oil and gas production, seaport development, and penetrating devices.

Architects and designers are concerned with controlling how the natural world interacts with the built world. While this usually involves keeping out the elements, building facades allow for a great deal more interaction and experimentation. The weathering process of corten steel allows architects to create vibrant canvases that naturally change over time.

The Top Reasons for the Popularity of Corten Steel Building & Architecture:

  • For steel panels, roofing, and tubing, Corten Steel is favored by architects. Weathering Steel has unique design characteristics due to its matt surface, which reduces metal reflections, unlike other steels. This unmistakable Bronxe-like appearance is the result of Corten Steel and the climatic conditions in a particular location. As a result of this oxidation, each task is unique.
  • Regardless of color, paint on weathering steel (COR-TEN prepares) lasts twice as long as the paint on ordinary steel.
  • Steel that is 100% recyclable and does not require erosion protection is Corten Steel. It is a sturdy, dependable, and environmentally friendly steel. Weathering steel can replace impregnated wood in some applications, and it requires little maintenance if it is not painted.
  • High-quality structural steel has a yield strength of 500 – 960 MPa and an elastic strength of 580 – 1000 MPa, making it ideal for long-lasting, solid, and light structures.
  • Weathering Steels / COR-TEN Steels are typically painted when used in structures and artwork, so they don’t need maintenance. When painted, the surface remains flawless for longer than conventional steel. If one scratches the surface, recuperating properties limit the spread of consumption under the paint.

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