Yes we can use Corten steel bowl water features. Corten Steel is a durable material that weathers naturally and develops a protective layer of rust over time. Below are the sizes and weights of our Corten Steel Curved Water Bowl. It is the perfect low maintenance Corten steel bowl water feature. Available in diameters from 60-200cm it is suitable for any sized space or budget!

corten steel water feature bowl

As soon as Corten Steel is exposed to the elements, it will naturally weather and develop a rich, eye-catching finish. Corrosion is prevented by this natural fixed coating of rust. As Corten Steel weathers, carbon runoff can stain adjacent materials such as stone or concrete. All bowls have a ring-foot that lifts the unit and prevents too much direct contact with the flooring material. With little to no carbon runoff, Corten Steel cures and self-seals after the initial reactive period.

It might be more important to choose the right materials for Corten steel bowl water feature than to choose the style. Corten steel and aluminium are strong, durable, and weather-resistant materials. However, there are still a lot of differences between them.

First, let’s talk about colour. Aluminium water fountain is originally in grey colour, but it can be customised to any RAL colour; corten steel water fountain is unique in its beautiful rust orange hue which develops over time to form a self-protective finish. The warm rust colour enhances the hues of the space and brings a strong industrial theme. Aluminium water features are the best choice if you have a specific colour preference other than rust orange Corten steel bowl water features are best if you prefer an eye-catching piece that radiates a beautiful amber appearance.

corten steel water feature bowl 1

The second factor is cost. Corten steel bowl water feature made of Corten steel are typically more expensive than those made of corten steel, and the latter has virtually no maintenance costs, so the total cost of corten steel water features is much lower.

Corten steel water features are made from weather-resistant steel, but Weather-resistant steel is used as the raw material for Cor ten steel water features, but they are procreated. Then get the great model which is designed according to the actual environment, application, storage position and corten water feature effect of the user.

The overall shape is relatively simple and fast, Realising the perfect integration of wild tough man wind and soft water scenery. Weatherproof steel has super corrosion resistance, environmental protection, and 100% recyclable.