Often called Weathering Steel, Corten Steel (COR-TEN) exhibits greater resistance to atmospheric corrosion than other steels due to its special chemical composition. Under the influence of the weather, steel forms a protective layer on its surface. To form the protective coating, the steel is allowed to rust.

Corten steel abstract structure

Because of the high copper content, the surface develops a natural patina, which is rust-like and has an attractive reddish-brown colour. Under normal outdoor conditions, the protective coat forms within six months or can be accelerated with the addition of brine, which begins the surface protection process within hours. A limited number of producers worldwide supply Corten, which is an expensive material. The cost of 316 stainless steel is similar.

Home decorative and corten steel sculpture

Corten steel garden ornaments  & Corten steel garden sculpture specialty, both decorative and durable. Combined with its high tensile strength, Corten steel’s inherent beauty lies in its dappled natural surface patina.In addition to our contemporary range of locally made objects, we also offer individual client commissions.

Many Australian designers and homeowners have commissioned Lump to create Corten steel sculptures as part of their beautiful projects, both commercial and residential.

Corten steel Garden Ornaments decorations play an important role, especially in perennial and prairie gardens, where the period of the end of winter and the beginning of spring is quite poor in plants, and so the sculptures come to the fore. In addition, the redness of the rust goes beautifully with the green and beige of dried grasses.

Corten steel sculptures

Self-patinated corten steel has a forced surface. It is used because of its resistance to climatic conditions. In addition to his work in construction and art, he is also involved in outdoor sculpture and architecture. Richard Serra, Eduardo Chillida, Etienne Viard, and Bernard Venet are among the most famous sculptors.

In the garden of the Grenoble Museum, you can see the works of these two French artists. On the Place Général-de-Gaulle in Fontenay-sous-Bois, in the Île-de-France, there is another sculpture by Marino Di Teana, entitled Freedom. One of the largest Corten steel sculptures in Europe is located in front of Val de Fontenay train station.

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In the garden landscape, you will find many sculptures made of corten steel. He has a layer of rust-red steel on his surface, which is rough and not smooth is very special, the contrast between roughness and delicateness. Coldness and warmth, softness and hardness condense with plants into a rich design context. This is the uniqueness of using corten steel to make sculptures.

corten sculpture

We focus on creating, designing, and producing weathering steel sculptures and other steel sculptures at Cortensteeltube.com. We adopt the traditions of Chinese culture and the charm of European art, with its unique style and vividness. Beautiful, lifelike, and breathtaking products.

Our metal garden statues and sculptures can be designed to fit any location, or we can create finished works based on your ideas. Our professional designers conceptualise the pieces, and our highly skilled craftsmen fabricate and finish them in our factory. You will be able to see your design or idea drafted up in detailed CAD drawings before we begin.

A variety of techniques, both traditional and modern, including plasma-cutting, are used to create every metal sculpture and statue. Traditional skills can also be combined with metal work.

Uses for Corten Steel Garden Sculpture

Weathering steel such as corten develops a unique rust-like patina over time. Due to its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, it is popular for garden sculptures. Corten steel garden sculptures can be used in the following ways:

  1. An outdoor space or garden can be enhanced with a large corten steel sculpture. Rusted steel provides a contrast to the natural greens and browns of plants and trees.
  2. It is also possible to use a corten steel sculpture as a water feature, such as a fountain or pond. As a result of the rusted steel, the water has a calming and serene appearance that enhances the natural look.
  3. Corten steel privacy screens are useful for blocking unwanted views and creating a sense of seclusion in outdoor areas. Adding an industrial edge to the design is the rusted finish of the steel.
  4. Corten steel can also be used as a garden edging to create visual interest and define borders. Rusted steel adds texture and color to the landscape.
  5. Sculptures made of corten steel can also be hung on walls as artwork. Steel’s unique patina creates a dramatic backdrop for any space, indoors or out.

The 5 Best Advantages of Corten Steel Garden Sculptures

Corten steel garden sculptures have several advantages over other materials. Five of the best advantages are as follows:

  1. Corten steel is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant, making it a perfect choice for outdoor sculptures. Despite extreme weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sun, it remains strong and intact.
  2. A rustic, natural patina develops over time on corten steel, giving it a rustic appearance. As well as protecting the steel from further corrosion, the patina enhances its visual appeal.
  3. There is very little maintenance required for Corten steel garden sculptures. Due to its natural rusted finish, the steel does not need to be painted or treated, so it can be left outside year-round.
  4. Corten steel is a versatile material for garden sculptures due to its ability to be cut and shaped into a variety of designs. In addition to creating abstract and realistic sculptures, it can also be used for functional sculptures such as fountains and benches.
  5. Sustainable and eco-friendly: Corten steel is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Recycling steel makes it a great choice for those who care about the environment, as it requires no toxic treatments or finishes.

The 5 Best Corten Steel Garden Sculptures

Corten steel garden sculptures have several advantages, but they also have a few disadvantages. The following are five of the most important:

  1. Cost: Corten steel can be more expensive than other materials for garden sculptures, such as concrete or resin. Steel itself and the labor involved in cutting and shaping it can drive up the price.
  2. Corten steel’s rusted finish makes it appealing, but it can also stain surfaces such as concrete or stone when it comes into contact with them. Homeowners who want to maintain the appearance of their outdoor spaces may be concerned about this.
  3. Corten steel sculptures may have sharp edges, which may be dangerous to children and pets. Choosing a design that is safe for your outdoor space and taking the necessary precautions to protect your family and guests is important.
  4. The weight of Corten steel sculptures can be quite heavy, especially the larger pieces. If the sculpture has been installed, moving it or repositioning it can be challenging.
  5. Although the patina on corten steel is a unique feature, its development can take several months or even years. Therefore, it may take some time for the sculpture to achieve its desired appearance.