Can you bend corten steel ?

Yes we can bend Corten Steel. It works well for your application, but it is stiff and more difficult to bend. Other shortcomings like poor fatigue resistance are not applicable in your app. That sounds good, bending is not needed in this range, just cut, clean and weld. Corten steel is One of the leading corten steel suppliers in mumbai


  • Maximum sheet thickness for WGW S235JR stained and oiled is 8 mm.
  • Maximum sheet thickness for Corten steel bent products is 4 mm.
  • Maximum sheet thickness for all other steel is 6 mm.
  • Maximum sheet thickness for stainless steel is 6 mm.
  • Maximum sheet thickness for aluminium is 8 mm.
  • Maximum weight is 45 kg.
  • Maximum dimensions are 2980 x 1200 mm.
  • These dimensions are all in relation to a 90° angle. If the product contains one or more sharp bends, use the dimensions from the sharp tables for all bends in the product.
  • An edging product must always have a bending radius.

When you’re designing your garden beds, walkways and other landscape features that you want to separate from your lawn, landscape edging is a simple way to create a sharp border between those areas of your yard. Steel landscape edging is one of the most budget-friendly, subtle options, and its subtlety allows flowers, plants and other natural elements to shine. Although installing metal edging is relatively simple, some tips and tricks can make the process even easier, allowing you to wind up with the ideal borders for your landscape features.

Speaking of Corten Steel, specialised Corten Steel is used for proper functioning. Corten Steel ASTM A847 Pipes & Tubes is one leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist Of Corten Steel.


Round Edges for Safety

The top edge of steel edging can be fairly sharp, which means it can hurt if you walk across it with bare feet. That can happen easily if you install the edging so it’s nearly invisible. In order to keep your family and pets from injuring themselves, round the top edge of the steel to smooth dangerous spots. Use a file to smooth the rough or sharp areas before installing metal edging.

Cutting a Corner Bend

Bending steel edging to form curves is fairly simple. When it comes to creating sharp, right-angle corners, though, it can get tricky. You can make the process easier, though, by marking a line on the inside of the edging where the bend or angle will be made.Use a hacksaw to score the marked line, as well as a 1-inch cut up from the bottom along the same line. By creating these cuts, you weaken the steel at the bend point, making it much easier to form a sharp corner by hand. is a leading supplier, stockist, manufacturer & exporter of Corten Steel. Get in touch with us for the best rates & availability of Corten Steel ASTM A847 Pipes & Tubes