Test Method Standards define the procedures for generating test results. These include identifying, measuring, and evaluating one or more qualities, characteristics, or properties.

A practice Method Standard is a set of instructions for performing one or more operations that do not result in a test result. Application, assessment, cleaning, collection, inspection, preparation, sampling, and training are examples.

Specifications Standards are requirements that a material, product, system, or service must meet. The specification identifies test methods for determining whether each requirement is met. These requirements can include physical, mechanical, or chemical properties, and safety, quality or performance criteria.

Classification Standards are systematic arrangements or divisions of materials, products, systems, or services into groups based on similar characteristics such as origin, composition, properties, or use.

Guide Standard is a collection of information or a series of options that do not specify a particular course of action. They provide information about knowledge and approaches in specific subject areas.

Terminology Standards define terms and explain symbols, abbreviations, and acronyms.



ASTM Standard

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The ASTM test method represents the best currently available test procedure for the purpose intended. It is based on experience and adequate data obtained through cooperative testing. Periodic evaluation of test methods is conducted to determine whether revisions are needed based on technological advancements in manufacturing, testing, and use requirements.

Historically, the vast majority of standards relate to iron and steel materials, a legacy of its railroad origins. Standards for various types of galvanizations, metal coatings, welded metal tubes, and pressure vessel plates exist alongside those for polymer precoated sheet steel, epoxy-coated steel wire, and borated steel for use in nuclear applications.

In addition to ferric metals, there are standards for ceramics, energy, polycarbonates, x-ray testing, textiles, medical devices, environmental technology, sports equipment, and more. There are 143 different technical writing committees that contribute to the annual publication of standards, which consists of several volumes which cover a wide range of materials.

Alternatively, ASTM, or as it is known by its full name American Society for Testing and Materials, was founded somewhere in the late 1800s. Unlike the AISI, which only considers steel and iron components, the ASTM is one of the largest standards developers around the world. This means that the  American Society for Testing and Materials is not only involved in the standards for iron and steel but also in numerous other substances.

Aside from both iron and steel components, the ASTM standards also include other components concerning several industries. From nonferrous metal products to petroleum prods considers steel and iron components, the ASTM is one of the largest standards developers around the world. environment technology, solar and geothermal energy, as well as medical services and devices.

Additionally, the American Society for Testing and Materials is an institute responsible for creating standards for not only product development but also for the production of metal components such as flanges, plates, pipes, tubes, rods, bars, fittings, pressure vessels, etc, using all of the mentioned ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

In contrast to the AISI, the ASTM also includes product services. The other difference between the two standards is that ASTM members are standard users in more than 100 countries. Additionally, the list of members includes manufacturers, buyers, as well as governments from these countries. Although the American Society for Testing and Materials membership is voluntary, its standards are often used in US federal regulations.

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