What goes well with Corten steel?

Landscape designers are attracted to Corten's aesthetic appeal. Patina on steel is attractive in a way that pairs well with stone, wood, and plants. At Ross NW Watergardens, we mostly use corten steel for pots, planters, troughs, and raised beds.

Within 6 months of atmospheric exposure, Corten steel will patina or rust. A weathering steel type needs cycles of wet/dry weather to develop and oxidize. Corten steel can last upwards of a few decades to over 100 years due to its protective rust.

Corten steel, or weathering steel, is primarily used for landscaping and outdoor construction. The surface develops a self-protecting rust when exposed to weather because it is made of alloys. It resists corrosion, does not require painting or weatherproofing, and does not compromise structural strength.