Use Of Corten Steel  in Architecture Building

Steel corten, or weathering steel, has been used in architecture for many decades now and has built up quite a following. Aficionados of architecture and design love its rugged, yet highly stylish appearance. It is often reported that passersby believe buildings made of weathering steel haven't been finished or are simply rusting away.

Corten steel is often used to help buildings withstand nature, like the arid climate in Arizona or the rugged terrain in Arkansas. For architecture living in challenging conditions, low-alloy steel is a resilient material. Corten steel is also chosen to help buildings coexist with nature. The corten develops a healthy patina of colours from a rusty orange burnish to a textured silvery glaze letting it sink in – or stand out.

In railroad buildings, Auto-portable, Bridge structures, tower buildings, Photovoltaic power stations, and highway structures, where materials are exposed to the environment, weathering steel is used. In addition, it is used in holder making, oil and gas production, seaport development and penetrating devices.