The Best Way to Prevent Rust Run-Off

Corten steel's natural patina has gained popularity in recent years as its subtle tones of orange and brown complement a more naturalistic approach to landscaping and garden sculptures. It is widely used in less ambitious settings such as private and public gardens, parks, and terraces. The patina is caused by the oxidation of the steel, creating a fine layer of rust.

In order to avoid the appearance of rust staining when using corten steel planters, it is best to install them in a manner in which the rust doesn't run off onto concrete, pavers, or patio stone.

When corten steel planters are exposed to weather and moisture, the metal oxidizes and forms a protective patina.  During this oxidation process, the rust particles are carried down by water to the surface of the planters.

The Best Way to Prevent Rust Run-Off Often, the surfaces below and around weathering steel products and structures are concrete, stone, or brick, which can be difficult to clean, so it's important to think about how to prevent rust run-off and stains. As a result of the weathering process, run-off cannot be prevented. Run-off can be managed, however, so that the drainage does not flow over vulnerable surfaces.