The Benefits Of Raised Corten Garden Beds

Raised beds are often more productive than beds in the ground because the soil is less compacted, has better drainage, and warms earlier in the spring, meaning that plants will start to grow earlier in the season

Benefits Of Using Raised Garden Beds __________ Raised beds warm up faster in spring, so you can plant earlier. And because the soil is loose, plants grow better: their roots get plenty of oxygen and water.

Raised Garden Beds Are Easier To Tend __________ Another big advantage of raised garden beds is that they are much easier to tend, whether you’re in your 20s or 80s. There is no bending or crouching necessary to weed, water, plant, and harvest veggies.

What type of material is best for raised garden beds? __________ Cedar and redwood are the best woods to use for raised garden beds. Both are very durable, beautiful, and naturally resistant to moisture, rot, and even termites.