Is Corten steel good for a fire pit?

Corten steel is widely used in decoration due to its sturdy natural appearance and original appearance. However, it can be delivered unrusted for practical reasons. We explain how to speed up its corrosion using a simple method to avoid waiting several months. Hot rolled steel is sufficient for most pits. You'll need a steel sheet, most likely 1/8" thick, but thickness preferences will vary.

With its high-quality thick durable corten steel, the high-temperature coating makes this fire pit last a long time, and it is easy to clean. Three legs support the entire fire pit, providing it with a stable structure and a strong weight capacity, making it easy to move around. This fire bowl is a classic and nostalgic addition to any garden.

Here are 6 interesting things about Corten Steel Fire Pits – Choosing the right surface is important – The rust layer protects against corrosion – Forming the perfect rust layer takes time – Speed up the rusting process? It is possible. – The fire pits require no maintenance – Corten steel: a durable raw material