Is Corten Steel cheap?

Corten steel is twice as expensive as regular steel, so it should not be used. Corten steel has the main advantage of being cheaper than galvanised steel. If the members are too big to be galvanised, such as bridges, the cost curve might be shifted. In these cases, the cost of painting and maintenance should be taken into consideration.

Corten power lines poles can also blend into wooded areas, and they are sometimes required to get construction permits. When it is used on power lines, rust can get on the insulators and cause outages. To prevent flashovers, special designs are required. Corten performs best in very dry climates. It should not be used in humid coastal environments.

Corten steel usually costs three times as much as mild steel. However, the cost will also depend on various factors such as the amount, the length and the weight of the steel you wish to purchase.Corten is significantly more expensive than other common grades of steel.