Corten Steel VS Linier Steel

What is Linier ? Linier is a finish developed by Logic Bespoke in response to several landscape architects and specifiers who felt that Corten was becoming overused.  Linier is made from galvanised mild steel, making it corrosion resistant.  After galvanising, the steel undergoes a two-part treatment to achieve its final appearance.

What is Corten Steel? Weathering steel is a low-alloy, high-strength outdoor steel that has been developed for its superior resistance to corrosion. It is designed to develop a rusty appearance when left to weather, reducing the need for painting.

Linier Steel Advantages – There is zero risk of leaching or runoff – Completely maintenance free – Original, eye catching aesthetic – No change in appearance over time – Corrosion resistance thanks to galvanised finish Advantages Of Corten Steel Corten Steel offers many benefits, including maintenance and longevity. Along with its high strength, Corten steel is also low maintenance, making it ideal for structures where maintenance is difficult or dangerous, such as bridges, or where disruption can be minimised, such as around major roads or railways.