Here's everything you need to know about Corten Steel

What Is Corten Steel? ------------ One of the groups of 'Weathering Steels' developed for its superior corrosion resistance, Corten Steel is a low-alloy, high-strength outdoor steel. Once left to weather, it develops a rusty appearance, which eliminates the need to paint it.

How is corten steel made? ------------ It is hard and strong. Steel is heated in a furnace and then cooled in a quenching bath. Depending on the size of the piece, this process usually takes two or three days. The steel is brittle for about a day after this before it hardens again.

Benefits Of Corten Steel ------------ Low Maintenance Long-Term Cost Savings & Performance Environmental Benefits Dynamic Appearance and Texture Minimizing Cost & Lead Time

How does corten steel gain its patina? ------------ Depending on its grade, corten steel is a mixture of steel and alloys. When exposed to the elements, its dull, dark gray surface might appear as if a wrong product was supplied, but over time it will develop a patina that is unique to each piece.