Here's everything you need to know about Corten Steel Round Planters

What Is Corten Steel? ---------------- Corten steel refers both to the original product COR-TEN and to other generic grades of 'weathering' steels. For most landscape industry applications, this group of similar steels offers the same benefits.

The Key Benefits of Corten Steel ---------------- Corten steel is a famous brand for its industrial products. Its corten steel circular planters are known for their durability and functionality. Its products are widely used in the construction industry. 

Corten Steel Round Planters are made of heavy-duty steel used in construction and manufacturing. The round shape of the planters makes them ideal for planting vegetables, flowers, fruits, and other outdoor plants. These planters are all very attractive and work well as planters.

Specification Considerations Of Corten Steel include: ----------- Suitability Thickness Run-off Finishing