Everything you need to know about Corten Roofing

Corten Roofing installs roofs made of Corten Steel and other metals. It is high-end corrosion-resistant steel that can be formed into virtually any shape. Due to its unique properties, steel is perfect for roofing and other architectural projects, since it is not only waterproof and durable but also lighter than other materials.

Benefits of Corten Stainless Steel Roofing Corten Stainless Steel Roofing was founded in 1883 by a group of pioneers. They were inspired by the success of the companies that had preceded them. The family tradition continued in the new generation, which was born with an open mind to continue developing, improving, and serving its customers.

1. Corten Does Not Have A Warranty 2. Rust Run-Off 3. Corten Should Not Be Used On Low Sloped Roofs 4. Corten Is Not Compatible With All Climates 5. Dissimilar Metals And Corten

5 Problems With Corten Roofing