Everything You Need to Know About Core 10 Weathering Steel

Corten steel is atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel. Low alloy content and between normal carbon steel and stainless steel. So core 10 steel sheets is carbon steel that is alloyed with copper (low Cu) and chrome (low Cr). These elements provide anti-corrosion properties.

Why use weathering steel? ___________ A new metallurgy method, advanced technology, and processes have been incorporated into this steel. At the international level, weathering steel (corten steel) is a super steel material.

How does corten weathering steel work? ________________ All or most low alloy steels will rust if air and moisture are present. This would depend on the amount of moisture, oxygen, and atmospheric contaminants that would hit the surface.

Corten steel advantages ________________ Low maintenance Long-term performance and cost savings Environmental benefits