Different types of Corten Steel shapes - Beams and sections

The most common type of beam used in construction is corten steel. They are also known as girder beams or girder trusses. Medium-strength corten steel beams have a low coefficient of elasticity.

The bending properties of corten steel beams are also poor. Due to their high strength, low modulus, and low elasticity characteristics, their moment resisting capacity and bending strength is low.

Girder Beams ------------ Girder beams are used to build structures for homes. Grider beams are structural systems used in bridges and other structures. Girder beams are sturdy support beams that are located on the foundation of a house.

Girder Trusses ------------ In the construction industry, girder trusses are used. Skyscrapers and bridges have them on their roofs. A truss can also be used to connect two towers.