Decorate your space with perforated corten steel sheets

The Perforated Corten sheet supplied by cortens steel tube are strong, durable, and can be used in many architectural applications. However, weight is an important consideration, since Corten is considerably heavier than aluminium. A 'weathering steel' is also known as Corten.

There are also different finishes available for the plates, such as ASTM A588 Grade B Perforated Corten Sheet and polished sheets. Corten sheets and plates are graded A and B according to their composition and characteristics.

It is important to consider the 'stabilising' process when using COR-TEN steel for architectural purposes. Before the panels are installed on site, they must be stabilised in some way in order to minimise rust stains caused by the 'runoff' of rust in the early weathering stages.

Pickling can speed up the weathering process. Graepel recommends ordering Perforated corten Sheet in advance of installation as 'stabilisation' can take between 2-6 months.