Can you bend corten steel ?

Yes we can bend Corten Steel . It works well for your application, but it is stiff and more difficult to bend. Other shortcomings like poor fatigue resistance are not applicable in your app.

When you're designing your garden beds, walkways and other Corten steel landscape edging features that you want to separate from your lawn, landscape Corten edging is a simple way to create a sharp border between those areas of your yard.

Core 10 steel edging is particularly popular for all edging requirements. An element of history is added to the garden with the rust finish, which complements any existing Cor-Ten features.

Round Edges for Safety The top edge of steel edging can be fairly sharp, which means it can hurt if you walk across it with bare feet. That can happen easily if you install the edging so it’s nearly invisible.

Cutting a Corner Bend Bending steel edging to form curves is fairly simple. When it comes to creating sharp, right-angle corners, though, it can get tricky.