Best Steel Ponds for Garden, Landscape & Home Pond Construction

The use of corten steel in garden and landscape design is extensive. Due to its ability to resist the weather, it is also called weathering steel. Landscape architects and garden designers use it to construct retaining walls, planters, and other structures.

When it comes from the mill, corten steel looks like any other steel. The oxidation process, as with lead and aluminium, quickly develops a rusty layer. As a result of the rich patina, further weathering is halted.

Ponds can be flat at ground level, raised or recessed. Standing alone or in groups, butted together, in rows, or even formed into a T shape, the possibilities are endless.

Corten Steel Pond Walls and Fountains can transform your Pond into a stunning water feature. Designed to sit on top of the length of the Pond, the attached Corten Steel Pond Wall and Fountain is easy to install.