Benefits and Rusting Capabilities of Corten Steel

Corten steel has a variety of benefits, including maintenance and longevity. Corten is not only high-strength, but it is also very low maintenance, so it is ideal for structures where maintenance is challenging or dangerous, such as bridges, or where disruption is a necessity, such as roads and railways.

Corrosion Resistance Weathering steel is made up of copper, nickel, and chromium, and this is what gives it its high resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Moisture and air can cause rust in other types of steel. Rates that provide no protection to the material. Rust of this type is very porous, and it can fall off the material over time.

Appearance The protective rust layer that covers weathering steel has a distinct orange-red colour that is often considered attractive. A weathering steel's unmistakable appearance is sometimes the sole reason for its selection. The appearance of the steel reduces construction speed, as it eliminates the need to paint the steel.

Strength The yield and tensile strength of a material are crucial in the construction industry, especially for structures such as bridges and buildings. Weathering steel provides these properties, as well as ductility and toughness.