Astm A36 carbon steel vs Astm A588 steel

ASTM A588 steel is stronger than A36 mild steel. A588 is HSLA steel with a minimum yield point of 50 KSI, with atmospheric corrosion resistance for applications that require strength and durability. A36 mild steel has excellent welding properties, along with a yield strength of 36 KSI. Due to its hardness, A36 steel is considered mild steel.

The strength-to-weight ratio of ASTM A588 steel versus A36 mild steel. High-strength ASTM A588 steel is extensively used in a variety of applications, such as transmission towers, freight cars, bridges, etc. Furthermore, A588 steel has excellent strength-to-weight characteristics, meeting the strength requirements of A36 mild steel while weighing much less.

It is a high-strength low alloy structural steel, unlike A36 steel, which is just carbon steel. Due to the difference in chemical composition, the A588 Grade A steel section has more applications than the mild A36 section. A588 Grade A steel section iron is ideal for corrosive environments without further surface treatment, which reduces cost-effectively.