A comparison between Corten Steel & it's alternatives

Corten steel is a popular type of steel, used specifically in extreme weather conditions due to its high level of weather and corrosion resistance. While Corten steel is extremely popular, it can be considerably harder to source than standard Euronorm designated materials.

Benefits of Corten Steel  are:

– Low Maintenance – Lower Initial Cost – Speed of Construction – Attractive Appearance – Environmentally Friendly – Resistant to Higher Temperature

Weathering steel is a high-strength low alloy steel that comes from a family of low carbon steels with additional alloying elements mixed in with the carbon and iron atoms.

CorTen Steel Alternative

Corten Steel is a United States Steel Corporation (USS) trade name for an atmospheric corrosion resistant steel developed to be used where higher strength and longer life cycle materials are desired.

ASTM applicable equivalent

– A588 – A242 – A606-4 – A847 – A871-65 – A709-50W