Life Span of corten Steel

The lifespan of weathering steel, or corten steel, depends on the local climate and the conditions the steel is exposed to, as well as how it is Used, maintained, and treated. Weathering steel's lifespan and the length of time it takes for the patina to develop are influenced by the climate.

During wet and dry cycles, an oxide layer, called "patina," will form. It will protect against further rusting. Real-world measurements of the steel material are used to determine the design lifetime and expectations. If scratches occur, a new patina layer will form during the time due to the uniform surface of the patina layer. Below are measurements of Corten steel weight loss and rust penetration.

Patina forms faster on steel exposed to more cycles of wet and dry weather. The steel needs both wet and dry conditions to resist corrosion. Let's take a look at a weathering steel planter box. If the planter does not provide adequate drainage, the steel may not dry out, causing it to rust more quickly rather than forming a patina.