While rust may seem like the last thing you want on a metal building, corten steel is different. The weathering steel, also known as COR-TEN, is made of alloys that don’t need to be painted, as they form a rust-like surface after exposure to the elements. Corrosion resistance and tensile strength are two of its primary properties.

It is remarkable how well corten steel holds up even in harsh environments, including rain, snow, ice, and fog. Its vibrant orange hue contrasts beautifully with the greenery of many landscapes and harmonizes with the amber tones of deserts. Due to its suitability for simple, geometric building shapes, it often appears in modern architecture.

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Cantilevered corten steel for house

Generally, steel does not rust, but that only applies to some types of steel. There are also cases where rusting is encouraged and appreciated. We’re talking about corten steel, also called weathering steel. The purpose of this alloy is to create a rust-like appearance after several years of exposure to the elements in order to form a protective coating. This layer develops and regenerates continuously when exposed to the elements. Corten steel has produced some truly stunning facades which we’ll examine right now.

Axis Mundi envisions a visually stunning use for it in one of the planet’s most dramatic landscapes. Located high up in the Swiss Alps, “XYZ House” consists of three long, skinny rectangular volumes stacked one atop the other to form one of the most unusual house shapes you have ever seen.

A building’s design has a profound effect on how we perceive space, and weathering steel allows us to view architecture through a temporal lens. Twelve corten houses are examined in the following projects, all of which explore the steel alloy’s capabilities through interiors and exteriors. These residences reveal how architects can embrace natural forces and the imprints they leave behind.

Cor-ten steel stands the test of time and rugged conditions like few other materials. Often called Weathering Steel, this oxidized steel alloy eliminates the need for painting and is ideal for exterior surfaces and buildings in harsh climates.

Recent times have seen homeowners embrace this material even for its aesthetic value, as it gives their homes a striking and distinctive appearance. It is not just a phenomenon limited to a few select regions of the globe. In Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, and New York, buildings wrapped in Cor-Ten steel can be found everywhere!

Viewed from a distance, painted copper resembles Cor-Ten steel, but closer inspection reveals a more brownish-orange patina. Steel-clad buildings also have an undeniable touch of industrial style that makes them even more appealing. Despite its versatility, the material is used in a wide array of styles and settings, as shown in the stunning homes below.

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